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Thursday, September 15, 2011

crazy somewhere^^

.:In the name of Allah
Most Beneficent and Most Merciful:.

always dream my love story will be nice like oppa's song .. maybe exists only in fairy tale story ..
but can't stop to pray it will be reality soon ..
with you ..
the one that I'm waiting most ..
my-future-love-in-halal-way ..

add new item in waiting list:
2013- jenjalan ke korea..hehe..
so..kena keja keras kumpul duit..
oppaa..tunggu dongseangmu di sini..
Ha Ha..

hanbok sungmin oppa yang kekuning-kuningan membuatkan aku terpesona..
Dong hae oppa..biyanaata..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Because Islam loves me..

 .:In the name of Allah 
The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful:.

today I got something nice to share with you all especially for those who are always asking me with the same question..
maybe that time I can't explain well why I am wearing hijab or scaft..long sleeves blouse..long pants..baju kurung..and everything that cover full part of my body..
some were asking me..don't you feel hot with all stuffs you wear?..
last time..I haven't the right answer to answer your question..i was so sorry for that..
but today..maybe you can understand me well...
let's get yourselves clear about this ...
okey :D

George : Bro, I respect Islam but just couldn’t understand why women must cover themselves. 
If you said God command women to cover themselves then why still majority doesn’t cover themselves?Does Islam really cruel that there is no option for women?  

Khalid : Hey George. Thanks for the kind words brother. There is always an option in Islam. Example in M’sia highway, the speed limit is 110km/ph but you still see some people exceed the speed limit right?The law is there but is up to individual to obey or disobey because end of the day each individual will be accountable for their own action. So there is an option is Islam – obey or disobey. 

George : If there is an option in Islam then why women MUST cover themselves? 

Khalid : Bro, are you born to this world with clothes on?  

George : Of course no. Everyone is born naked. Khalid : Then why are you wearing clothes now when you are born naked? 

George : Modesty brother. 

Khalid : There you go my brother. You have just answered your own question - Modesty. 

George : Ok. But isn’t modesty will be enough just by covering their body part and let them flaunt their beautiful hair?  

Khalid : Bro, what will you do if you have RM10,000 cash with you now? Where will you keep?  

George : Of course I will kept in my pocket or in bank. 

Khalid : But why don’t you flaunt your asset (cash)? 

George : Only crazy people will do it bro. No one would do that because by doing that you are inviting trouble especially those thieves are everywhere. 

Khalid : Truly agreed with you brother. Islam protects women because they are valuables.  The Creator wants them to become private property instead of public property. By covering oneself it reduces the risk of unwanted advances by opposite’s sex.  

George : But we still read and heard people who are covering themselves being raped or molested.  
Khalid : So in this case do you mean that bank should not install security system in their premises and engaged security personnel to guard the bank because with all these, bank still being robbed so why bother to do all these right & get the bank to just expose their bank vault.

George : You have a point there brother.

Khalid : May The Creator guide all of us, God Willing.

the article I took from here

Don't you think girl looks beautiful when she is covering herself well??

Monday, September 5, 2011

Eid Fitr 1432H

.: Bismillahirahmanirahim..
Dengan menyebut nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani
In the name of Allah The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful:.

segalanya berlalu..
kembali seperti sedia kala..
yang menuntut ilmu teruskan perjuangan di medan akademik
yang mencari rezeki teruskan kehidupan menggapai redha Ilahi..

sesungguhnya Eid Fitri 1432H telah pun menyatukan kita..
moga ia merupakan kemenangan kita mensuci fitrah setelah sebulan melawan hawa nafsu..
semoga bertemu lagi...

ingat senang ke nak berkumpul macam ni..haha..walaubagaimanapun..adalah dimaklumkan seorang abangku tersayang x ada coz keja overtime..time raya plak si an~~~~

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